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Reading to Children Boosts Emotional Intelligence

Here’s a short article on the importance of reading, getting dad’s involved, and the benefits of reading to children.

Here are some of the quick take-aways:

“When dads get involved in reading at home, it immediately doubles the scaffolding in literacy.”

Parenting and positive psychology researcher Dr Justin Coulson said the benefits of reading included language development, increased empathy and emotional intelligence.

“There is something quite magical about sitting down with your little ones and reading them stories,” he said.

I couldn’t agree more. Books open our minds to the possibilities in life. Growing up in a small farming town, my local library was the gateway to the world. It literally (get the pun) set the stage for all the opportunities that would come my way later in life.

I never fully considered the impact reading has on empathy and its connection to emotional intelligence. But it completely makes sense how reading fosters the ability to step in someone’s shoes and view life from their vantage point.

In our world today, this is a critical skill for developing future leaders. Instilling a love for reading is not only about literacy, but the numerous life lessons and skills that make us more understanding, compassionate, and imaginative human beings.

About Kristi L. Kremers

Kristi is an author, RYT-500 yoga teacher, leadership consultant, and founder of Guided by Bliss records.

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