Client Testimonials

“I have always received high marks from my regulatory agency after having Joe perform his evaluation.  Joe leaves no stones unturned!  He is the only auditor I trust to perform both policy evaluation as well as technical evaluation.  He continually provides the most comprehensive review and exit meeting of any auditor I have used to date.”  Corey Ellis, Century Bank, Milledgeville, GA

“Joe Lima has provided United National Bank with cost effective, superb services. But even bigger and better value,  Joe has delivered and conducted his audits in a most user-friendly manner.  Joe is eager to suggest best practices while in the bank. His report delivery and responsiveness to follow up questions is outstanding. Also, Joe has offered comprehensive internal and external audit services in every scope of compliance, IT, and operations."  Linda Drew Johnson, United National Bank, Cairo, GA

“You really get your money’s worth with an audit from Joe.  The audit doesn’t simply end after the exit interview.  The modest fee for his services include year round support for any compliance issues that one may have.  I frequently take advantage of his expertise anytime the bank is rolling out a new IT related service.  A simple phone call or an email and I have all of the compliance questions answered with advice about how to prepare for the coming year.  Joe takes his work seriously and seems to live compliance and regulation, he must study every waking hour.  You won’t find a better bargain for your independent auditing dollar anywhere.”  Ken Garey, Bank of Terrell, Dawson, GA

"Joe Lima, CISA, CTGA, is experienced, well-trained and insightful.  Above all, he is passionate about his work.  He does more than just run down a checklist, he provides us with copies of the latest regulatory guidance that affects the Technology area and advises us that we need to update policies related to the latest regulatory letters.  He is familiar with all the regulatory requirements for Information Technology, and audits us against the same standards used by Regulators when they come in.  I highly recommend Joe as an Information Systems Auditor!"  Mary Ann Bowers, CTO, Persons Banking Co., Inc., Perry, GA.

“Prior to our last IT Exam from FDIC we had been careless in all of our IT areas.  If you have experienced a full IT Exam from FDIC then you can understand my depression by the examiner’s actions and deadlines placed.  We engaged Joe Lima’s services to perform our EDP/IS Audit.  Joe provided the audit service that was needed, but also directed me as to how meet the strict FFIEC guidelines in the EDP/IS operations and how to prepare for our next IT exam.  Although we are a Community Bank I am convinced that Joe Lima could provide the same service for any Bank.  We have signed another contract for this year and look forward to his services for a long time.”  Deanie Hamilton, Security State Bank, McRae, GA

 “Joe Lima has been performing our internal information technology and information security audits since our bank opened.  His work ethic is very thorough.  Joe’s knowledge of regulation requirements and recommendations are invaluable.   His efforts are always set with the proper goals when he begins his audit.  He searches for the vulnerabilities and holes in security but helps you to see ways to resolve the issues.  We are lucky to have someone work with us and look out for the customer’s interest as well.”, Barry Andrews, IT Manager, Piedmont Community Bank, Gray, GA

“Our IT audit is one audit I enjoy, if you can use audit and enjoy in the same sentence.  Every year  Joe is very through in his review and documentation and includes recommendations based on the latest FFIEC guidance updates.  Over the years he has prepared, improved and educated our staff by providing excellent resources I have come to appreciate, especially during exams.”  Donna Webb, Pinnacle Bank, Elberton, GA

"Joe Lima, CISA, CTGA, is experienced, well-trained and insightful.  Above all, he is passionate about his work."



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