Who Is A Leader?

A mindful approach for family & classroom discussions

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Who Is A Leader? is a first of its kind children’s book on leadership. A traditional children’s picture book is coupled with family & classroom discussion guides and activities to promote mindfulness and leadership at home and in the world. The book showcases the leadership styles of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.

If you were challenged to explain who a leader is, what would you say? Could you explain it so well that a child would understand in a moment, but an adult would need more time to think?

This little book is a storybook for children and a book of wisdom for adults. It is a description of a leader, someone who has a mindful vision that others do not yet see – someone who opens the eyes of those same people to see past the limited horizon of their experience into the boundless realm of dreams. Through images and simple words, the author captures the essence of what a leader is. She nurtures a fresh and fulfilling hope for those who have leadership responsibilities but have forgotten what a leader really is.

This disarming little book concludes with profiles of three great leaders and discussion questions that apply the example of these lives to our own. It also presents many questions for discussion among adult family members, discussion between parents and children, and for use in the classroom. The author has an academic background, but has produced a book of profound simplicity and heart-felt vision. Act Now! Click that red BUY button at the bottom of this page. Then, you can immediately begin reading and sharing the truth of Who Is A Leader?: A mindful approach for family & classroom discussions on Kindle Fire, Kindle Cloud Reader, Kindle for iPad, and Kindle for Android, and of course, in paperback.

In Who Is A Leader?: A mindful approach for family & classroom discussions you will understand and even experience…

  • The inner and outer expressions of a leader’s nature
  • The true source of a leader’s sense of direction
  • How leaders invest in themselves and those who surround them
  • What a leader creates among those who follow
  • How a leader responds to the successes and failures of others
  • The common roles in which a leader can function
  • The crucial moment when you too become a leader

Who Is A Leader? is being translated into:

  • French
  • Hindi
  • Spanish

Stay tuned for more information on those release dates

Who is a Leader? is a beautiful resource that showcases authentic leaders using their own individual talents. What a great resource for parents and teachers alike to share with children they love.

Amy Michaels, Parent & Entrepreneur (teachingwithamy.com)

With beautiful simplicity, "Who is a Leader?" defines profoundly important internal and external qualities for mindful living. The ideas author Kristi Kremers introduces will serve each and every person, whether a leader of many or simply of themselves.

Natanya Lara, Parent & Parenting Coach (natanyalara.com)

This indeed is a book that can change the world, if every teacher and parent could internalize the meaning and learn the way to convey the messages in order to inspire children, the world eventually will be better place to live for all.

Ulla Koivukoski, Senior Vice President, Comptel Corporation

This book shares the key ideas of mindful leadership in simple, easy to understand text, supported by fun & colorful illustrations. The author also includes a range of discussion questions tailored to specific settings (home vs. classroom) that will engage and deepen conversations and understanding on this important subject. The format is best suited for read-aloud or shared reading experiences for the early elementary age. More fluent readers might also enjoy the book as a 'launch' point into exploring leadership.

Jacqueline L. Ebanks, Parent, Entrepreneur & Former Education Professional