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Kids are experiencing an alarming increase in anxiety, depression and attention challenges. We need - more than ever - to teach them ways to stay calm, grounded, connected and present. This jewel of a book is a great place to start a journey of self discovery for kids and parents alike.

Natalia Gabrea, Founder of

Yoga for Kids is an exceptional book. With beautiful design and a powerful, easy to understand message, it makes yoga accessible to anyone. Filled with instructional images, inspirational quotes and simple direction, every family can relate to the message of yoga and how it can impact our lives, bodies and minds. This is a beautiful book and one every family should add to their collection.

Anne Omland, Career & Lifestyle Expert

Being a mompreneur and Yoga enthusiast, this is one of the best children's yoga books I've seen! Easy to read and understand with wonderful, colorful pictures and adorable creative touches. I showed it to my two young sons and they loved it! Bravo for this charming and delightful book. It will be sure to put a smile on your child's face.

Barbara Culkin, Barbara Culkin Designs

An adorably illustrated book on life-enhancing topics: being in our bodies, self-connection, and mindfulness. Every child (and adult) can benefit from this helpful information delivered in a fun and uplifting way!

Allison Rivers Samson, Founder of


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We're proud to announce, "A Leader Has Values" will be released on May 1st